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Occupy Woo Street

I’m not the man to give you learned commentary on the Court of Appeal’s judgment in the Occupy LSX eviction case. I don’t think there’s much call for the in house view on public law issues. I am, however, absolutely the man to poke fun at Paul Randle-Jollliffe. Here are paragraphs 29-31 of the Occupy […]

Happy woo year

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ The new year brings a new letter from one of my more regular freeman on the land correspondents. In an exciting addition to the woo theory for 2012, […]

The Santa Claus Letters 3: I’m dreaming of a woo Christmas

This letter (including errors of spelling and grammar) is derived from genuine Freeman on the Land websites and letters. All is true.  Non-Negotiable  Notice to Principle is Notice to Agent. Notice to Agent is Notice to Principle. Notice to One is Notice to All  © Timothy of the family: Taylor Authorised Representative for TIMOTHY TAYLORTM […]

A woo miscellany

Some woo-related stuff that I wanted to share but couldn’t think how to shoehorn into another post: Via @caebrwyn, a list of FOI requests made by “angie of the elder family”, including “Under who’s authority does the Council attach a NAME?” and “Are you on your oath at this time?”. (Favourite quote: “You must have authority to do […]

Comment is free, but woo is sacred

So the Freeman on the Land movement seems pretty marginal. All that stuff about choosing whether statutes apply to you, and how debt isn’t real because they capitalised your name – everyone with a functioning brain can see that it’s nutty woo, right? Well, it turns out that the Guardian has an open mind on […]

Further adventures in woo

The nice people at Roll On Friday have sent me a link to this rather excellent extended clip of Jon Witterick from GetOutOfDebtFree appearing on something called EdgeTV (no, me neither): Frankly, there’s so much to enjoy here that I’m not sure what my favourite bit of the show is. We could start with this strained attempt to […]

Bizzle’s big adventure

So, this feels weird. A week ago I left the company where I’ve worked for more than 14 years. Tomorrow I start a new job, in a different city, with a very different business. Lest anyone think, having read this blog and my Twitter feed over the last 18 months, that I’m doing this because […]

Consenting kidults

“For really I think that the poorest hee that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest hee; and therefore truly, Sir, I think itt clear, that every Man that is to live under a Government ought first by his own Consent to put himself under that Government; and I do think […]

Down the rabbit hole

I started this week thinking I might write something passive aggressive about having to work while I’m on holiday. Somehow, I got distracted along the way…  I don’t really want to go on about the freemen too much longer, because I know it’s my passive-aggressive ranting about sales managers that really brings all the boys (and […]

Never mind the quality, feel the width

How long should a contract be? Two pages, or ten, or 100? How about 400?  Of course, the only possible answer is “it depends”. It depends on the complexity of the transaction, on how many legal issues need to be covered, and on how much risk each party is willing to bear.  If it’s a […]