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Teddy Bear Blues

The lovely and extravagently talented Milla Traylen has written and recorded a song inspired by my Twitter avatar (see right). I’m too overcome to say more, so I’ll let the song speak for itself.

You can follow Milla on Twitter at @millatraylen, and see/hear her play some songs on YouTube.

Teddy Bear Blues

I’m a bear but I’m a lawyer,
And lord knows it’s hard
To hold a pen when you have paws
And you’re smoking a cigar

Well they work me too hard man,
It’s bearsploitation,
Sometimes it’s like I’m alone
In this anti-bear nation

Well I’m a bear but I’m a lawyer
Someone get me out of here
Not even a bearister
But a solicitor

But what can I do though?
It’s hard these days
I want marmalade sandwiches
But on a bear’s wage
I can only afford lettuce

Clients try to cuddle me
Well they think I’m cute
‘Cause I’m a foot tall
And I know contract law to boot

I have a well informed legal opinion
But sometimes I just feel like
The in-house minion
All ’cause I’m a bear

When it rains and I get wet fur
Nobody understands
And I can’t hold an umbrella
Because I don’t have hands
‘Cause I’m a bear

(guitar interlude)

I’m a bear but I’m a lawyer
There’s no one like me
And sometimes students tread on me
In the centre of Leeds

Sometimes I can’t take it
And I get the blues
Well I guess that it’s worse
For lawyers who are kangaroos

Note: the rights in this recording, and the music and lyrics, belong to Milla Traylen. Please don’t use or distribute them without her permission.


One response to “Teddy Bear Blues

  1. Carrefax May 15, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    Pretty decent tune mate 😉

    Sure does sound tough being a bear and all.

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