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Back in the jug agane

I was back at work yesterday after a two week break. I’m relaxed, refreshed and (relatively) free of the mental clutter and stress that builds up when I’m in what I would, if I were more of an alpha male, call “the zone”.

When I’m contemplating the big return I usually start thinking about how I can do things differently, avoid some of the mistakes and confrontations that are the inevitable consequence of too much work and too few resources. My resolutions generally last until lunch on the first day, by which time I’m in a vile mood.

This time I managed to stay calm and keep things in perspective for the whole day (it helped that I left the office at 4pm), and I’d like to hang on to that.  This blog is one way to do that, by giving me the opportunity to reflect on issues and maybe by forcing me to think through my responses and get some perspective.

That’s the idea, anyway. Let’s see how it goes.


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